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Karen Taylor At Home Medical Equipment

Karen Taylor, Co-owner

Karen Taylor is a passionate advocate for the elderly and disabled patients whom she serves through her role with At Home Medical. While the business she co-owns specializes in the sale of home medical equipment, her position with the company goes far beyond selling equipment. Each day she and the staff of At Home Medical work tirelessly to connect caregivers with the tools they need to ensure that their loved ones are able to live comfortable lives in their homes, rather than in a nursing facility.

With more than 20 years of medical industry experience under her belt, Karen understands how important it is that patients be treated with respect and dignity. Her involvement in the home medical equipment industry proved to her that far too many medical supply companies were more concerned with their profits than they were with their patients’ wellbeing.

So in 2008, Karen and business partner, Teri Jones, opened At Home Medical in Draffenville, Kentucky, a home medical supply company whose mission is to invest their time in treating patients with compassion, rather than assigning them a number and an impersonal billing code.

Since that time, Karen has taken on the role of compliance officer for the company and makes sure that the staff adheres to all HIPAA and Medicare requirements. She is well versed on the legal issues related to the home medical industry and works to help patients understand their medical rights so that they are able to acquire the medical equipment they need to maintain healthy, happy lives at home.

“Our business is much more than just selling a piece of medical equipment,” Karen says. “Anyone can do that. It is up to us to help point patients in the direction they need to go in order to live independently on their own.”

Karen has played an important role in growing the company in just a few years, turning it into a leading provider of home medical equipment, mastectomy products and various other services.

Teri Jones At Home Medical Equipment

Teri Jones, Co-owner

Before opening At Home Medical with Karen Taylor in 2008, Teri Jones worked for other medical agencies, such as a local health department, a hospital and a home health agency. Throughout those early years, Teri developed patience and a desire to serve those who cannot help themselves.

She has a deep understanding of the trials that life can bring, having been raised by her grandparents from the age of 12 after losing both of her parents. Life has not always been easy for Teri; however her experiences in her youth helped shape her into a compassionate person who enjoys taking care of other people today.

“It seems like God designed me to be a caregiver,” Teri says.

Teri walks joyfully alongside her patients as they experience the triumphant moments of overcoming the limitations of their disability. She lends a listening ear to her customers as they battle the frustrations that sometimes accompany issues related to aging, illness and disability.

Teri and the staff of At Home Medical are able to help transform the lives of so many people who walk through their door by providing them with training and simple tools to make daily living easier. In her role with At Home Medical, nothing brings her more joy than to witness a customer finding the tools he needs to be mobile and independent.

“We take care of our customers with the same love and care that we would extend to our own family,” Teri says. “From providing them with the little things, such as walkers and canes, to advocating on their behalf before our state representatives, we are here to take good care of the people who walk through our doors.”

In 1982, Teri was diagnosed with an illness of her own, breast cancer. Through her own experience, she has developed a personal understanding of the discomfort and loss that many breast cancer survivors struggle with after undergoing a mastectomy.  Today, she and Karen both serve as certified mastectomy fitters for At Home Medical. Teri is able to bring a unique perspective on what life after cancer can look like and many of her patients find her words encouraging and comforting.

As the business continues to grow, Teri hopes that more families will experience the freedom that quality medical care and top-rated home medical products can bring to an individual.

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