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At Home Medical – Personalized Medical Equipment

At some point in a person’s life, they will likely face medical and physical challenges that require the purchase of home medical equipment. Early in their medical services careers, Karen Taylor and Teri Jones observed the stress that families and individuals undergo when faced with home medical equipment purchasing decisions. They also recognized that not all home medical equipment service providers are concerned with the overall wellness of the patients whom they serve. With that in mind, they launched At Home Medical, a compassionate provider of home medical equipment and mastectomy products to patients in Western Kentucky.

Since opening their doors in November 2007, Karen and Teri have encouraged their staff to get to know their patients personally and to make customer service a high priority.

Listed at the top of every training form we use is written, ‘the patient comes first.”  An emphasis on personal service is expected at every level of our business, from management to entry-level personnel.

Not only do Karen and Teri invest their time and energy into their patients, but they also have invested heavily in the education and training of their staff. Everyone in the company spends about a year learning how to perform a variety of applications in order to best meet the needs of each of the patients who walk through the doors.

Whether an individual has a need for personal medical equipment, or serves as a caregiver to a loved one who needs in-home medical products, At Home Medical provides compassionate customer service and personalized medical equipment that allows patients to preserve a certain level of independence and dignity while still living in their home.

At Home Medical is accredited by the Compliance Team and licensed by the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy. Our staff includes certified mastectomy fitters, as well as certified fitters of therapeutic shoes. We serve 13 Kentucky counties, including Marshall, McCracken, Lyon, Caldwell, Ballard, Carlisle, Hickman, Fulton, Graves, Calloway, Livingston, Trigg and Crittenden.


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