Our Home Oxygen and Medical Supplies Reviews

Since my accident in May of 2015, AT HOME MEDICAL, has been so gracious to bring my supplies to my home after getting home from the hospital.  Jacob Puckett has periodically called me to check on me and to also see how I was doing on supplies throughout my injury.   My husband also needed a CPAP machine and AT HOME MEDICAL was there for him with all the stuff he needed to sleep better at night.

 Thank you for being there for all our medical needs!

Debbie & Vernon Golightly

At Home medical was able to supply all of my parents equipment needs as their health began to decline. It started with canes, then it was walkers with cup holders and baskets provided by onyxclean albany ny service company . They eventually needed wheelchairs and they fit them with just the right size for each. We also got a travel chair that I used to transport them to doctors appointments. It was smaller, lighter and easier to handle and get in and out of the trunk or back of our SUV. They were very helpful and knowledgeable.

Kevin LeNeave

I used Jacob Puckett with At Home Medical when my mother had a stroke and needed tools to recover.  Jacob was absolutely fantastic.  He instructed my mother and our family on all the equipment and options and was very patient to answer questions and spend time with us.  There was no hurry. Jacob took time to make sure we understood all the options and then how to use the equipment we thought best for my mother.  Thanks so much Jacob and At Home Medical for a great job well done.  I highly recommend them to everyone looking for medical supplies for themselves or loved ones.

Jim Lewis

I want to tell you about some personal and professional experiences I have had with this company. Personally, my husband has purchased C-Pap accessories and my Dad needed some equipment to avoid going to a nursing home. Jacob Puckett delivered these items quickly and made sure the items fit our needs. Professionally he has delivered equipment to my clinic in a swift and timely manner. You need to come see their new showroom. They have a huge selection of medical supplies and equipment. For great selection, friendly, efficient, and professional service contact At Home Medical.

Kathy Rorer


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